Assalamualaikum Everybody

Assalamualaikum Everyone ❤

Exam Semester 1 has past . How did you guys face it? it is HARD OR EASY? Well guys its all up to us whether we want to be success in this life or fail. I bet 100%  there’s no one of us want to fail in this life so you guys we have to study hard and study smart . Its our choice right?

So how’s your result for this recent exam ? it is EXCELLENT or BAD ? how much did you worked for it , that is what you will get  whether past or fail . i hope none of us get bad result . for those who have past CONGRATULATION, for those who have failed NEVER GIVE UP . its not the end . Doesn’t mean that we have failed once , we will failed for there rest of our life , right ? there are many time to change our result however we have to learn from our mistakes . for the subject that we have failed , we have to study more and try to past . for the subject that we have past , we have to try to prove it more till we get A+ , so do in our SPM & PMR which is the biggest exam for us  to face it.

Recently , the exam result is not that bad as i have asked our teachers . Somehow , many student have complain that they have problem in understanding Mathematics and English. Well , for those who have problem keep study . There are many ways to study and learn. There are many teachers to ask , even with friends , we can do study group which is can help us more in trying to understand the subject that we are weak . so DO NOT GIVE !!

Lets Chase Our Dream


Isyarah Abdul Hussin

5 cerdik


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